Each entry is approx. 2-3 minutes long and the video file below contains all of the submissions. Click below to watch all of our 2017 submissions!

It is very hard to decide which of these videos is the best...all are truly inspirational. The young people that made these wonderful videos are brave and determined and their words and actions a reminder of how difficult dealing with the disease is yet, that diabetes can be managed and life can be productive and fully lived, with the right attitude. Bless them all and diabetics everywhere. I am also a diabetic and I believe.
— Myles Goodwyn

Vikaas Bhatti's emotional "Living With Diabetes" provides an impactful representation of living with type 1 diabetes - and the struggles that come along with it. (film by Kavya Hundel)

Jacob Manning's "Stay Woke" provides fantastic insight into a day in the life with type 1 diabetes. Great primer to send to those who don't quite "get it" yet.

Sam Price's "2 Years Diabetes Song" is an amazing cover that speaks to the challenges faced by everybody living with type 1 diabetes. Impactful and well done.