2018 T1D Film Festival Results

1st Place - Grand Prize Winner - Logan Bliley-Beames

Here’s what our judges had to say about Logan’s film.

“Logan uses a lot of humour to provide examples of the disconnect between the Endo and patient relationship and visit experience. Very entertaining and funny. “

“Logan wanted a different structure for his visits vs only looking at a1c and pump reports.”

[A good] depiction that endos and medical advice is very superficial. That appointments need to treat all parts of diabetes care.”

2nd Place Film - Taylor Beeby-bruner

Here’s what our judges enjoyed about Taylor’s film.

“Taylor's candid and precise examples that show the difference between the inner lives of people with T1D versus what they are ready to show to the world. “

“Really informative of all the little decision and the mental and emotional exhaustion that comes with living with T1D. Extremely honest.”

“This gives a long term viewpoint of how having T1D affects a person over time. It’s also quite expansive in regards to how much she touches on in diabetic lifestyle.”

3rd Place Film - Megan Troian

Here’s what our judges thought about Megan’s film.

“Megan prepared her thoughts and articulated them with conciseness, eloquence and courage.“

“Hearing her talk of her hear of nocturnal hypoglycaemia and linking this to all the young adults moving away from home for the first time.”

“An honest reflection of the everyday concerns. A real portrayal of how diabetes is more than numbers on a glucometer.”

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all who participated in this year’s festival.