The Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network has the support of a committed group of partner organizations. Our partners share the T1DTTN vision of bringing together patient and healthcare opinion leaders – experts in their knowledge of Type 1 Diabetes – to provide the expertise, guidance and integration to improve the quality of life and health outcomes for people with T1D through Conversations that Really Matter.

In the spirit of the T1DTTN approach to collaboration, our innovative financial, patient and healthcare provider partners participate in the T1DTTN Advisory Committee.

Their support helps foster conversations that truly matter through programs and events that engage, educate and influence health system and policy change.


T1 Diabetes Think Tank Network Inc.  is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization providing innovative experiential education to the Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) community, including healthcare providers and patients. Our members consist of healthcare providers and T1D patient opinion leaders. Type 1 diabetes is not the same as Type 2 diabetes and requires different approaches, treatments and strategies. Our objective is to remove barriers to communication and improve relationships between patients living with T1D and their healthcare teams. We do this by using innovative programming designed to include the patient voice and leverage the power of the patient narrative. Our methods are untraditional, and the results are transformative.

Our group is unique in that it is a collaboration between patient opinion leaders and healthcare providers, where they come together as equals, outside of the traditional hierarchical or paternalistic relationship of medical advisor and patient. The patient expertise in living with T1D is recognized and valued equally with the professional expertise of the healthcare provider. This enables us to achieve insights and design education that would not be possible in any other format. This may lead to better outcomes and elevate the standard of care in T1D.

In order to fund our work, we accept grants, donations and other financial support from both public and private sources, including individuals, government and industry. There is no exclusivity of support and we are open to accepting financial support from any source that is willing to accept our terms and comply with our Code of Conduct. Think Tank is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, who are listed on the Directors Page. As a federally-incorporated Canadian not-for-profit corporation, Think Tank is committed to financial accountability and transparency.

Think Tank does not raise money for research since there are other organizations that focus on the research needs. Those who provide financial support, whether individual, industry or government, will be acknowledged as supporters but will not be entitled to influence, direct or control the activities, policies or programs of T1D Think Tank Network. Our initiative is driven, directed and controlled by the T1D patient opinion leaders and healthcare providers who collaborate to improve the standard of care and self-management of T1D by empowering the patient narrative.