Summary of T1DTTN Board, Advisor and Partner Conversations

On July 9, The T1D Think Tank held an important open forum at the YWCA in downtown Toronto. The objective was two–fold. First, to provide a status update for all components of the work so far in terms of creative elements, and Collaborative Insight Session Projects.  Second, and more importantly, was to present a summary of an independent review of conversations held with the Board and a number of T1DTTN advisors and Partners.

Summary of T1DTTN Board, Advisor and Partner Conversations

In order to help determine “next steps” for the Think Tank Network Board 20 stakeholders including Board members, Steering Committee advisors and industry partners agreed to be interviewed. Based on a structured discussion guide, phone interviews ranging in length from 25 – 70 minutes were completed in June and results were presented to those who attended the July 9 Open Forum.

These conversations affirmed the commitment to Think Thank and a desire to see the organization move to a more formal phase of its work that would include clarity in terms of roles and expectations and communications processes. The power of the patient and health care provider narrative as well as the unique collaboration between everyone involved in Think Tank continues to be seen as the key differentiator compared to other patient or health care provider advocacy or information-sharing organizations.   

Think Tank is the organization most capable of leading discussion and raising awareness of Type 1 diabetes.

What’s next…taking action.

There is work to be done to realize a national vision for Think Thank Network including instituting regular and relevant communications via the revamped website platform, exploring the potential for TTN involvement in qualitative and quantitative research (benefit of the TTN model for T1D as well as potential for other disease areas) and creating partnership and funding strategies by finalizing the Think Tank “value proposition”.

How will this be accomplished?

Four to six issues/action items will be confirmed and a simple Work Group structure will be put in place that will engage stakeholders to move each of these areas forward. Roles and responsibilities will be clarified and there will be some additional members recruited to the Board and Steering Committee as required. In addition, there are plans to establish a paid Project Co-ordinator role to keep these efforts on track and ensure that information about TTN progress flows regularly to all stakeholders.

What can you do?

Make sure you are signed up on the website, continue to offer ideas and identify opportunities to share the Think Tank story, and think about how you can contribute through by joining one of the soon-to-be-established work groups.

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