Pump Couture: A Type 1 Diabetes Fashion Show

On May 4th, T1D Think Tank Network hosted its first fashion show. Pump Couture was a creative endeavour to showcase wearable medical technologies and fashion while tackling important issues that surround type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is sometimes known as “the invisible disease”, so T1DTTN invited people living with type 1 diabetes to walk the catwalk. Pump Couture models used the opportunity to showcase their fashion, their devices, and tackle issues commonly associated with the disease such as body image and identity. It was a massive success. The audience was mesmerized as models strutted their stuff with their heads held high.

Thank you to Hydropools and Spas for hosting the event and to all the incredible sponsors. Over $20,000 was raised for the Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network.

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WatCH The Entire Show Here