Sunnybrook Hospital and the T1D Think Tank Network: Type 1 Diabetes in Pregnancy Experienced Based Co Design Project

From the researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences:

The Women Exchange Research Grant from Women’s college hospital allowed us to look more closely at the experience of type one diabetes in pregnancy. A large group of patients and expert healthcare providers partnered with the Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network, a not-for-profit community network, to analyze the pregnancy experiences and co-design a virtual care model for type one diabetes in pregnancy. Thru patient and staff feedback it was understood that the quality of diabetes in pregnancy care for women that live with type 1 diabetes could improve. We used Experience Based Co-design to identify critical moments in a woman’s pregnancy experience that could be points of program redesign. Past patients that voiced interest in improving the diabetes in pregnancy experience were invited to participate as a panel of expert patient advisors. Patients personal stories and emotional experiences provided robust quality evidence on how to re-design the diabetes in pregnancy experience. There is limited expert-lead pre-natal information specific to type diabetes in pregnancy. Patients transitional experiences and emotional journeys helped inform the need for an evidence-informed virtual education platform for prenatal education specific to type one diabetes in pregnancy.

A report will eventually be available on the Women’s College Hospital’s $15K Challenge Website.