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Type 1 Diabetes Pump Couture Fashion Show

  • Hydropool Hot Tubs & Swim Spas 335 Superior Boulevard Mississauga, ON, L5T 2L6 Canada (map)

An evening dedicated to understanding and highlighting issues surrounding wearable tech, body image and stigma in Type 1 diabetes

Join the Type 1 diabetes (T1D) community at the Type 1 Diabetes Pump Couture Fashion Show in support of the Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network.

Packing up winter clothes and bringing out a summer wardrobe brings along with it some unique challenges for many people living with Type 1 diabetes. For those who use wearable technology, summertime often means that diabetes is on full display.

The Pump Couture Fashion Show will shine a spotlight on the challenges and opportunities that come with using diabetes devices. Featuring models living with Type 1 diabetes and allies in the community, the Pump Couture Fashion Show will stimulate conversation around body image, stigma, and the day-to-day challenges of adding diabetes devices to your wardrobe. The event will not only showcase the latest fashion trends in diabetes, but will highlight the models' stories and experiences with diabetes and wearable tech.

Proceeds from the Pump Couture Fashion Show will support the Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank as they work to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for people with Type 1 diabetes.






Dr Amish Parikh

Dr. Amish Parikh is a co-founder of the Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network. He has been an Endocrinologist at Trillium Health Partners (Mississauga) since 2005.  He has a large endocrinology practice including a focus on Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and diabetes in pregnancy. His other interests include insulin pump technology, exercise and diabetes, and new technology as it relates to the care of patients with diabetes. He completed a Master's in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education during his Endocrine Fellowship Training.

Amish enjoys spending time in nature, hiking and running. He avidly travels with his wife, Gail, and their three sons as it provides him new perspectives and memorable experiences. He especially likes working with patients to help them achieve their goals.

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Dr Alice Cheng

Dr. Cheng is an endocrinologist at Trillium Health Partners (Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga, Ontario) and St. Michael’s Hospital (Toronto). She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Alice has served on committees for the Diabetes Canada clinical practice guidelines since 2003 and most notably, was the Chair for the 2013 Diabetes Canada guidelines. In recognition of her contribution to diabetes care in Canada, she has received the national Gerald S. Wong Service Award and the Charles H. Best Award from Diabetes Canada. She has a passion for educating health care professionals in hopes of benefiting people living with diabetes..

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Perhaps not quite the best present for any 8yr old, Ana has been living with T1D since Christmas 1984 – this is when her early fashion journey with diabetes started - with a bright red Snoopy carrying case that contained all her diabetes supplies and travelled with her wherever she went.  Then Ana’s years at Camp Huronda are when she tried to accessorize with gimp bracelets and Snoopy was soon replaced with black purses in a shape that would conceal the outline of BG meters.  In 2004 Ana got her first insulin pump and diabetes fashion was all about the pump colour – the ‘purple simply had to be the right shade,’ and it was! – she has been pumping for 15yrs. Ana also wears a Libre – no colour options there – but in this case function trumps colour :)  Keeping in mind that this technology can seem cumbersome and a continual reminder of the illness at times, Ana has dedicated her life to creating opportunities where T1Ds can share common concerns and feel understood and connected, and where hopefully they feel they are not alone with their diabetes.

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Dr Bruce Perkins

Bruce A Perkins, MD MPH is Professor, Endocrinologist and Diabetes Complications Clinician-Scientist at the University of Toronto appointed to the Faculty of Medicine and to the Institute of Health, Policy, Management and Evaluation. He holds the Sam and Judy Pencer Family Chair in Diabetes Clinical Research. He obtained his MD and Internal Medicine training at the University of Toronto, his endocrinology subspecialty training at Harvard University, his Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, and a research fellowship in epidemiology at the Joslin Diabetes Center.


Using cohorts and clinical trials, his research work focuses on diabetes complications and treatments for improving blood sugar control. In 2015 he was awarded the Canadian Diabetes Association/CIHR Young Scientist Award. Among other projects he co-leads an Innovations in type 1 Diabetes group within Diabetes Action Canada, a national patient-oriented research strategy. He has been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 18.

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Carmen Deacetis

Carmen was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2004, and Celiac disease in 2014. He grew up active, playing sports all of his life. After studying to receive his BA at York University, he became a certified personal trainer but started on a different path in 2004 after his diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes. Rather than letting his diagnosis get him down, he faced it head on. He is currently a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, having studied at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. Today, Carmen is happily married to his best friend - an incredible woman named Vanessa. They were married 7 years ago and have 2 wonderful boys, James (5) and Nathan (2). At time, juggling family, work, and diabetes is hard, but he often remembers words when was told when he was first diagnosed: That his diagnosis was a blessing. At the time, Carmen didn't understand the meaning, but has since come to realize the truth in the words. Life is all about choices. He makes the choice every day to be a positive influence for his family and never let his diabetes dictate what he can and cannot do.


Connor Gillespie

Connor is 20 years old, from Oakville, Ontario, and excited to debut her skills as a supermodel at the Pump Couture Fashion Show. She was diagnosed with a mild intellectual disability (MID) at the age of 7, and with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11. Her MID makes counting carbs very difficult, but it hasn't stopped her from embracing life. Connor graduated high school last year on the Honour Roll and has recently started a co-op placement. She is an active athlete in the Special Olympics and enjoys competing in floor hockey, softball, and ice hockey. Connor uses the Medtronic 670G pump and a CGM, which she and her family are very excited about. As you can imagine, the life of a supermodel is busy - she is looking forward to the freedom her new pump will allow her! Connor's ultimate goal is to live independently and be able to take care of her diabetes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Connor's agent to book her for more runway events. She looks forward to your call!


Deanna Paolantonio

Deanna is a dancer, dance educator, doctor of dance studies, and type one diabetic. More simply put she is “Deanna the Diabetic Doctor of Dance”. Her formal dance training began at the age of four and her love of movement has fueled her work and studies throughout her lifetime. As a researcher Deanna focuses on body image, girlhood, dance education, and type one diabetes. The result of her studies to date has lead her to found D-Dance a workshop that fuses education in dance practice with type one diabetes. The D-Dance program teaches dance with the challenges related to having type one diabetes in mind. Moreover, it is a workshop that endeavours to help young T1D dancers continue their dance education safely and with support. While Deanna will admit that her diagnosis with type one diabetes was initially something she saw as an obstacle, it has since become a source of great inspiration and opportunity. An opportunity to learn more about her body, an opportunity to educate others, and more than anything an opportunity to inspire type one dancers to share their “sweet moves” with the world.

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Evelyn Riddell

Evelyn Riddell is 20 years old and has been Type 1 Diabetic for almost 8 years. She is currently in her 3rd year of study at the University of Toronto, specializing in History and Canadian Studies. Evelyn believes that her most important role is that of a Type 1 Diabetes advocate. She also works as a freelance model, on a mission to represent T1D and raise awareness. She is proud of her pump & CGM and would be quick to tell you how T1D is actually her superpower. You can find her on Instagram [@evie_ann] and YouTube [evie ann] – two social platforms that she loves, because of their ability to bring the T1D community together.

T1D has often been called an “invisible illness”, but recent technology such as pumps and CGMs are often visible for all to see. Evelyn hopes to help her fellow T1Ds feel represented, and to wear their devices proudly!

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Jenna Warren

Jenna was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2016, on the day before she started grade 11. She was diagnosed twice before the doctors got it right! That is part of the reason that she fell in love with the message of the clothing company, Sugardrop: Their goal is to make sure people know the warning signs of Type 1 diabetes to prevent misdiagnosis. Jenna has been a competitive athlete, dancer and professional actress in Toronto all of her life - That sure didn’t change when she got diagnosed! She has a passion for diabetes awareness and believes in providing people with knowledge. She wants all people newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes to know that, yes, it is hard, but you are strong enough and it WILL NOT hold you back from accomplishing your biggest dreams!

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Lindsay Pallo

Lindsay was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 8 and ever since has been passionate about surrounding herself with a supportive community of others living with Type 1. For ten years she spent part of her summers attending Camp Huronda, initially as a camper and then for several years as a staff member where she could either be found canoeing on the waterfront or going on nature walks with her campers. She then discovered Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network in 2017 after attending a Paint Night hosted by them in Ancaster. She was Very excited to have found an organization passionate about improving health outcomes for those living with Type 1 diabetes and creating an empowering community in the process. Since then Lindsay has participated in several events hosted by T1DTTN such as the 2018 Hamilton Insight Session and the 1st Annual T1DTTN Golf Tournament. Lindsay has just recently graduated from McMaster University having completed her degree in Honours Biology. She is hoping to continue a career in science by completing her Masters at the University of British Columbia researching diabetes and immunology, with the long-term goal of pursuing medical school.

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Logan Bliley-Beames

Logan was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11, having no family history of Type 1 on either side of his family. He currently wears a Medtronic insulin pump, uses a Dexcom CGM to manage his diabetes, and had the chance to try the Eversense/Sensionics implantable CGM in 2017. Logan has been on the Academic Honour Roll at his high school since 2016. Also in 2016, Logan was part of a Rogers Television Documentary about Type 1 Diabetes that followed his life at home, in school, and at hospital visits. Logan has completed many hours volunteering in the medical environment and looks forward to pursuing studies in the health care field once he completes high school. In his spare time Logan has a passion for mentoring young children with Diabetes.


Lucas Hostein

Lucas Hostein has been living with Type 1 diabetes for over 22 years. He has an optimistic view on his diabetes - he's never known life without it! Lucas looks as his diabetes as motivation to work harder and succeed trying to prove wrong everyone who has told him that he can't do something because of his diabetes. He is currently in his last semester studying health, wellness, and fitness with the goal of helping people live healthier lifestyles, inspire, and motivate people living with Type 1 diabetes.

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Michelle Lord

Michelle was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 12 years old on December 13, 2002 (Friday the 13th!). She is currently living in Toronto Canada where she is completing her PhD in Medical Physics. Michelle loves to dance, and takes multiple ballet classes a week. When she is not working on her PhD or dancing, Michelle is busy making videos for her type 1 diabetes lifestyle YouTube channel! 


Michelle Reiterer

Michelle Reiterer was diagnosed with T1D in 1990, 2 weeks before her second birthday. She has been managing her own T1D since her early teens and has first hand seen the incredible development of T1D technologies.  From manual injections, to insulin pens, she began wearing an insulin pump 5 years ago.  In the last 2 years her T1D regime has become even more sophisticated with the addition of a continuous glucose management system.  Michelle has never let having a chronic illness get in the way of her passions and helping others.  She enjoys travelling and learning about other cultures. Michelle has an immense passion for working with families and children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Michelle has been studying and working as a behavioural therapist, implementing and supervising Applied Behaviour Analysis treatment for plans for children over the last 7 years.  Michelle holds Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Applied Behaviour Analysis from Athabasca and Capilano Universities.  She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work. She will be sitting for the Board Certified Associate Behaviour Analyst exam in late 2019. Michelle is keen to advocate and fight for equity within the T1D and ASD communities.


Sara Machan

Sara was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1995 - She is currently celebrating her 25th year! She was the very first child to start on an insulin pump in Sarnia where she grew up. She started pumping in 2001! Sara attended Camp Huronda from 1998 through 2006 and found transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care incredibly hard. In the last 4 years, Sara has sought out peer support through organizations like T1DTTN, Connected in Motion and the JDRF. It has made a world of difference for her! Sara currently manages her diabetes with a DIY closed loop pump using a Dexcom CGM and a Riley Link. Online support made this possible and she's had a steady A1C of 6 since she started looping! Sara works in the financial services industry, was married in 2018 to her husband Joel (who you can meet at the fashion show!) Together they have three cats - Stella, Biggie, and Tupac. In her spare time, Sara helps to organize a monthly T1D meetup, volunteers with the JDRF, paints, and spends time with her family.