Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network events aim to improve the communication between patients and HCPs through a collaborative approach. Below are two fantastic videos from an endocrinologist and diabetes educator detailing what they've learned though participation in our Insight Sessions.

Dr. Alice Cheng presents on the realizations she had after being part of T1D Think Tank's Insight Sessions.

I realized that I may have said things, done things - not realizing it - that may have caused harm.
— Dr. Alice Cheng

Physician's Perspective: What I've Learned

  1. Diabetes is only a small part of a larger person.

  2. Diabetes visits are stressful.

  3. My words and body language are powerful - think before speaking.

  4. My knowledge and skills are irrelevant with a closed receptor.

  5. Let it go - it is not about me!

  6. Battle of agendas and time:
    - My agenda is secondary to the patient's.
    - My time is important too - share context with patient.

  7. Listening can be time efficient.

  8. Empathy can be time efficient.

  9. "Silver Linings" things is not empathy.

  10. Patients want to see that I am human too.

Barbara Cleave, RN, CDE discusses what she has learned from being part of T1D Think Tank's Insight Sessions.

How we say things is just as important as what we say.
— Barbara Cleave, RN, CDE

Nurse Perspective: What I've Learned

  1. A safe environment encourages open sharing.

  2. Patients have negative perceptions of their experiences.

  3. Critical reflection on my current practice.

  4. Barriers of time or effective use of time?

  5. Diabetes team needs to create a safe space.

  6. Patients need to feel their struggles of living with diabetes are understood without judgment.

  7. The impact of telling the story can have a powerful therapeutic effect for many.

  8. Listening is powerful.